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LED Face Mask with FDA-Approved Label

About Luyors

Do you need a more upgraded and advanced device for skin treatment? We understand that nourishing your skin may be hard sometimes. However, Luyors has proved the products to be the best companion for everyone, especially women. Have you ever noticed this brand? Yup, Luyors is specialized in producing LED face masks.

In detail, the brand has changed the lives of 50K people to have more glowing and healthy skin. The main product of the store is the Equinox LED Contour Mask, which is made of food-grade silicone for the best comfort level. Besides that, it also uses 480 medical-grade LEDs with Near Infrared Technology. So, are you interested in it?

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Reveal What’s Inside Luyors

So, is Luyors full of surprises? Of course, yes! In addition to the Equinox LED Contour Mask that we previously mentioned, the store offers other equally good-quality products. Can we drop them now?

  • Equinox LED Contour Mask
  • Chromoglow 7 Color Skincare Wand
  • Portable Infrared Therapy Belt
  • Full Body Rejuvenation Mat

Yup, those are the 4 products of the store. Furthermore, the site also allows you to buy the Bundle categories to save more on shopping.

Talking about saving, what else can you do to save big while buying items from Luyors?

Luyors’ Saving Guides

We understand that customers always beg for more ways to save, such as inserting a discount code, participating in a giveaway, or participating in other special programs. In this case, what has Luyors prepared for you?

  • Bundle and Save

As we mentioned, you can save big by buying the bundle collections. Instead of spending money on every piece of the product, this option lets you save more money. More specifically, there are three bundles available in the store: Equinox Duo Bundle, Mask and Wand Bundle, and Quad Bundle. Do you have a favorite already?

  • Input a Discount Code

Yes, you will have a coupon code while shopping in Luyors. In detail, you can use the ‘EASTER10‘ promo code to save up to 10%. Anyway, it is a Flash Sale! So, let’s hurry up to claim yours before the time is over!

  • Affiliate and Stockist

Special programs like Affiliate and Stockist (wholesale) are always good ways to earn money independently. If you apply to be an Affiliate, you will be eligible for a 15% commission and a 15% discount.

Meanwhile, if you own or want to open a small business, we suggest registering to the wholesale (stockist) program to get those LED face masks at lower prices before selling them in your store.

Finally, which option do you want to try for today’s big savings with Luyors? Let’s shop happily! 

How Much To Spend On Luyors?

Let’s talk about the prices, then! So, will Luyors break your bank account in one purchase? See the fact below:

  • Equinox LED Contour Mask: $495.00
  • Chromoglow 7 Color Skincare Wand: $169.00
  • Portable Infrared Therapy Belt: $329.00
  • Full Body Rejuvenation Mat: $1.200.00

Meanwhile, these are the prices for the bundle collections:

  • Equinox Duo Bundle: $949.00
  • Mask and Wand Bundle: $599.00
  • Quad Bundle: $1.099.00

So, which one will be your first purchase with Luyors?

Luyors Equinox LED Mask Reviews From Customers

On the web, Luyors clearly writes that the store has collected over 409 verified reviews from customers. So, are you excited to read several of them?

Here are the first buyer’s words:

I recently read some reviews for face masks and ultimately decided to go with Luyors. I received my Equinox mask three weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It meets and exceeds all of the specifications I was looking for. In fact, it has more LED lights than Omnilux and better irradiance specifications. 

Then, a Reddit review may help you more:

I got my Luyors Equinox LED mask today. The instructions were easy to follow and the mask fits snugly on my face. To charge the device, you simply plug it into a USB port and then you can walk around the house with it on. So far, I am super happy with my purchase.

Next, any opinion on this review?

A little error caused me to return the first product, but the hassle-free returns made it easy to get a replacement. The product itself works perfectly.

How do those reviews help you? For more information about the product or other policies, you can email [email protected].

Is Luyors Worth It?

One fact we have not mentioned yet is that the Luyor face mask is already FDA-approved. Therefore, it’s safe to use and does not harm any type of face skin.

In addition, we also guarantee that it’s cruelty-free, built with precision, and delivers good results only. For these reasons, it’s the best decision to claim that Luyors and its products are worth it. So, will you give it a try?

Does Luyors newsletter offer extra discounts?

So far we haven't found any discount offers in Luyors email newsletter.

Is Luyors legit?

According to our expert research and considering that we have never received any scam reports from customers regarding Luyors, possibly yes, it looks like that Luyors is legitimate. However, we do not guarantee that Luyors is truly legit and 100% trusted. Do your own research and shop wisely and carefully at We are not responsible for your purchases.

How to get the most discounts at Luyors?

There are a lot of discount sites posting coupons for Luyors. But we are confident that our coupon expert is working hard to present the best Luyors discount codes and coupons for you.

Does Luyors offer sale or clearance section?

Yes, clearance or sale section is available at Luyors Receive up to 50% OFF all items. If you would like to get the clearance or sale, visit here.

How to get free shipping or delivery at Luyors?

You may be eligible for free shipping at Luyors. The free shipping offer at is available under certain circumstances.

What is the return policy at Luyors?

Possibly you may not be able to return your order. Make sure to learn about Luyors return policy if you're at all concerned about this.

Does Luyors offer refunds?

Perhaps Yes. Refunds will be applied to your original payment method within 10 days. For more details, visit the Luyors refund policy page.

Does Luyors offer free exchanges?

Probably No. For more details, visit the Luyors exchanges policy page.

Does Luyors offer financing options?

Yes. Take 4 interest-free payments with Afterpay, Klarna, or ShopPay.

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